Catching Up

It has been many many months since I have blogged regularly about anything. As always, life has a way of presenting you different riddles and puzzles.

I have been working on a Gordian puzzle for many years now and think I may just be able to unravel enough of the problem to see the overall pattern.

So, I have decided to start blogging again.  I won’t make any commitments to the frequency.  But I would like it to be a regular post about all of those things that I love – yoga, media, language, literature, … people, and of course food.

As part of unraveling a personal puzzle, I applied for the International Center for Journalist‘s Knight International Journalism Fellowship and thanks to a group of stalwart and supportive friends, ICFJ has asked me to be one of the six fellows they will send into the world to support the development of independent journalism.

I will work with the team at the largest online news organization in Malaysia to develop sustainable business models for citizen participation in the news gathering, editing, verification and writing process.  The Fellowship allows me to add the Islands (Nusantara, as they say in Malay) and at least some of the Muslim conversation to my focus.  More on the global conversation in a later post.

After many years of experimenting with and using “social media”, I have added a couple of self-published items to my circle online.  You can expect to see the following:

Exchanging Hats (general life, work, love, food, language)

Roadside Attractions (life clippings and my general record of what I am writing)

Knight International Journalism Fellows Blog (postings that are directly related to my work with ICFJ and Knight.  I will set these up to repost a summary with a link to the Exchanging Hats and Roadside Attractions.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts comments and suggestions.

You can find me at all the usual places elsewhere online (Facebook, Twitter – @rsettles) a full list is included on my about page.


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