Well to all of you who have been supporting me from afar.  I am in Mysore – finally.  So much to write about the trip, India, the shala, the people, ….  But here’s a start.

I arrived from Singapore (which already feels like a world away) on Saturday night.  After a night in Bangalore where there was some silicon valley like start-up party going on in the bar of the hotel, I took a car to Mysore.  Three hour drive – one hour getting out of Bangalore, one hour on the mostly four lane highway between Bangalore and Mysore and one hour looking for the Green Hotel in Mysore.  [Recommendation:  if you are going to take a car, get a car from Mysore so you know the driver has a sense of where he is going.]  I checked in to the hotel and registered with Guruji.  6:30 am start on Monday.

Marcus is also here and has been a mensch in terms of introducing me around and helping me get settled into life in Mysore.  Where to eat, things to do, place to stay, … We keep saying that we will ge a photo taken in front of the shala one morning to send to everyone in Mt View.

Not sure what to say about the shala.  It is clearly not very crowded and I am working my way to earlier starts already.  People that came as soon as the shala opened in September are approaching their first month and some are already leaving.  So, the start times are moving forward.  The flip side of this is the steady influx of new registrants at the shala door every afternoon at 4pm.  Guruji is very present on the floor.  He yelled at some one this morning about “straighten your arms”…, and did a good bit of drop backs.   I am still a little ga ga every time I get close to guruji.  Sharath and Saraswati are both great.  Sharath in particular has been great on my troubling Marichyasana D.  Day 1, you stop here – tomorrow we see.  Day 2, I told Sharath about my bad knees and he said try this on Marichy D for a few days and then we see.  Day 3, he came over and watched, smiled and walked away.  So, while I have waves of worry that I am giving up much of what I had achieved in Byron – Dena gave me Eka Pada on the last day in Sydney – I know that I need to just relax and go with it.  It is a great opportunity to rebuild the beginning of my practice and integrate the pieces of Primary into a solid breathing whole, before I get too enamored with Second.

So, the people are great.  People from all over and there are some familiar faces around – Jen Morrison has been here for a month, Marcus, Marne Green from Encinitas, …  and a few other faces I recognize from World Tour stops and workshops around.  I keep expecting Peter Bertero to show up any day, but nothing so far.

Anyway, more to come on the experience, the average day and anything else people want to know about.

Also, I have had several people ask about Byron.  So I will write a little travel guide to practice in Byron in the next couple of days.

Thanks to everyone for the support.


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