Sydney and Onward

Well, I have been in Sydney practicing with Dena for one last week before heading to Mysore.  Sydney has been interesting because the juxtaposition with Byron Bay has been important learning for when I go back to San Francisco.

Yoga in Byron was all about the yoga, in the broadest sense.  Everyday you had the space and the support to examine all of the knots that impede the physical practice as well as the spiritual and emotional practice.  Now, life in Sydney is wonderful.  But it reminds me that every city is about desire, it is about wanting, ambition.  From the minute you get off the plane you are attacked with messages telling you about what you can be.  You can be sexier “in this shirt”.  You can be thinner.  You can be more glamorous.  Not just the marketing messages but the entire city is about what can happen, not what is.  It is about dissatisfaction, not contentment.

How do you balance the two?  Or do you?  The message of Byron both in the yoga and in the examples of the other yogis is really about contentment.  In the city we always talk about the lives of quiet desperation that people in the country and in the suburbs live.  But in fact, perhaps that is just a myth to make us feel better about the abuse we all take to live for the opportunity that the city offers.

Now I love a city.  Always have ever since I left Arkansas.  But the learning of this week is to be extra vigilant about what needs are real, which are fabricated.  Create the life you want and then put some of the striving away.  Hard for me.  I have always been susceptible to all of the messages that say things will be better over the horizon.  Better job, better boyfriend, …

So, one of the learnings of the city is how to achieve some sense of contentment in the midst of all of these messages that things could be better, if you just…

Short post have to jump on the plane for Singapore.  Next post will be from either Singapore, but more likely Mysore.


2 thoughts on “Sydney and Onward

  1. Very interesting take on how cities can be places to increase our desires and come in the way of contentment. From that point of view, suburban places near cities (for example Mountain View…) may offer the best of both worlds – enough removed to have the space to feel contentment, but close enough to the big city to get a dose of the limitless possibilities they offer every now and then.
    Makes me feel (even) better about living here – thanks Ross!

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