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Well, thanks again to the guys at Meebo who I increasingly depend on as I travel around.  At first I would log in into my homepage/webmail pages, check email, check out the news, …  Now I still pull up my Yahoo home page, but as soon as I hit enter I open a new window and pull up my Meebo account which centralizes all of my IM accounts ( I have three and they all get used).  While I am sitting in an internet cafe in Bali or Sydney or Singapore, I can also stay in touch with people at home who are also online. Another interesting Meebo factoid (kudos to their network people), I have NEVER had a problem logging on to my Meebo page, I can NOT say that about my Gmail page.

Not only do I pull up the Meebo account page, but I find myself dropping into the internet cafe at about the time people in the US would also be on their IM client.  Could be coincidence.

Anyway, Meebo has launched a little widget which I am testing in the communications section at the left, that allows anyone reading the blog who wants to send me a IM message either anonymously or directly.  Not sure how this will play out.  So, if you try it, let me know what you think.

One outcome of all of the web-based services is I don’t think I necessarily need to be carrying a computer anymore and am definitely thinking about selling this MacBook, before moving on.  Not sure I need it.

That sets up another post for this afternoon on packing for a long trip.  It is a rainy Sunday in Byron Bay, so I have some time to read and post.


One thought on “Meebo Me

  1. Ross,
    Stumbled on your page. Wanted to say hello and let you know how much fun I had reading about your trips. I miss having you in my life but really, really appreciate your life journey.
    Love & Light

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