Last Week in Bali

Today is my last full day in Bali.  Tomorrow afternoon I head back to Singapore for a week and then on to Australia.

Life in Ubud this week has been an interesting contrast to the first two weeks.  The first two weeks were very social.  Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people and just settling into being away from my daily routine.  Dena’s morning practice anchored the day and after that there was always some activity to join.

This week has been more solitary.  Each morning I walk through the paddies to practice at the little “villa” that Kirsten and Mitchell have rented.  This week has been a good week to integrate practice.  At most there have been 5 people in practice with both Kirsten and Mitchell giving advice, encouragement and adjustments.  I have a tendency to favor my right side and have gotten a lot of feedback on this during the week.  It is subtle feedback that is perfect for a small class lead by two senior teachers.  After practice, I have breakfast – sometimes with Kirsten and Mitchell at Madé’s in the rice paddies, sometimes back here at Ananda.

Mitchell has also made time to give some rolfing sessions.  I had one on Tuesday and will get one more session right before I head for Singapore.  It has been great timing for me, almost 9 months to the day that I finished my last treatment in the series.  So, it has been good to have Mitchell “dig” into those places where things are tight.  With the addition of the left knee, which he looked at right after I fell last year, all of the areas we have been working on are new and I think a function of a slow opening in the hips and a continued imbalance between my right and left sides.

Kirsten and Mitchell are also only here for another couple of days before they head back to the States for Burning Man and then perhaps to the Bay Area to teach in the fall.  Mitchell will be giving rolfing sessions too.  So, if you are interested, email him for a time.  The email address is under Mitchell’s name on  They are listed under Thailand.

During the week, I have planned a couple of larger excursions to places around Bali, but the combination of rain, my own inertia, and the late start (Kirsten and Mitchell start practice at 9, so I am not done until noon or later) has undermined all of these attempts.  If it hadn’t been for the persistence of the drivers at Ananda, I probably wouldn’t even have bothered planning.  Most of my time has been taken up with reading, napping, eating and wandering around town or little hikes in the rice paddies.  The first day or so the solitude was palpable and a little scary.  I kept thinking shouldn’t I be doing something, working toward something.  I have spent a lot of time in my life working toward something, generally something defined by the very society that was absent this week.  I slowly accepted this week’s solitude, but there has not been enough of it for new directions to form inside.  But, this is just the first month.


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