D&J: Changing Plans

Well,  I keep thinking I will sit down and write a long and amazingly insightful post about how special Dena and Jack’s retreat in Bali was.  But, something always gets in the way.  Nothing too stressful of course, but something.  Reading, eating, shopping, ….

The retreat was everything I wanted for the start of my trip.  Dena and Jack both were in fine form having just spent  a couple of months in Mysore.  She pushed a little, cajoled a little, sympathized, both in practice and in the little afternoon talks that punctuated the retreat.  For me, the afternoon talk became a mixed blessing, since I felt that D was invariably talking directly to me – sometimes about things I wasn’t really ready to talk about.  Later at dinner, I found this sentiment shared by others, each with a different twist.  Dena continued to evolve my practice (which is somewhat remarkable, since we had over 25 people in the room) in ways that left me feeling pretty ‘open’.  So much so, that I decided to use September to go and join her September workshop in Byron.  Yes, that’s right.  I am headed to Australia.   No one said that the road to Mysore was necessarily straight.

Since the shala doesn’t re-open (this according to the people who came to Bali directly from Mysore) until September 11th, I will really only miss the first few weeks.  This puts me in Mysore somewhere around the 3rd of October.

Changing plans and heading for Australia is the best endorsement I can give for Dena and Jack’s Bali retreat.  There are really three superlatives – the quality of the teaching (of course), the quality of the students (maybe because even for two weeks a trip to Bali is a real commitment) and the location (Bali, Ubud, and Ananda Cottages).  I guess I haven’t posted a longer post, because what else can you say on the subject.  Excellent.

So, if you are looking for a yoga excursion, then I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to Bali.

San Francisco is generally very well represented.  This year we had four attending, including myself.  Two years ago we had about twice that number.  So, it’s an easy flight.  Singapore is a great place to layover.  I will post later about places in Singapore to practice.


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