Hong Kong Impressions

One of the old carriage alleys from Hollywood Rd (Soho) down to Central

Well, I made it.  I have now been in Hong Kong for about 24 hours.  Long enough to have visited some old haunts – Mid-Levels, the Peak, Central – practiced yoga (at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental), and to have almost acclimated to the heat.

Three overwhelming impressions of Hong Kong in August.  First, it is HOT.  The temperature when I walked to yoga this morning was 28C and the humidity was well over 80% according to one of the dozen or so video displays that I saw blinking along the way.  The second impression is intensity.  Hong Kong, even when it is too hot to move, bustles.  I remembered this after about a nano-second, but you get a sense of the constant competition that characterizes the rest of the world.  Not to say that we are not competitive in Silicon Valley, but I think it is just a little less transparent.  Everyone in California is striving to make things look like they are just a natural result of talent or luck, but that we didn’t necessarily have to work for it.  Finally, this town is connected. I have reached for a my non-existent mobile twice in the last day and have had two people ask me for my mobile number and been a little confused when I said that I didn’t have one for Hong Kong. Of course, it is Hong Kong, so one of them offered to rent me a phone – he worked in tailor’s, not sure about the connection.

Yoga this morning was good, though I can feel the effects of the flight.  The Mandarin is absolutely opulent.  I didn’t want to leave. The teacher, Kim Roberts, was great, clearly used to having all types of practitioners in the room.  More on this at the end of the stay.


4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Impressions

  1. Ross —
    Well, it was 104.5 in San Jose yesterday — so we really DO feel for you!
    Sounds like a wonderful start to your trip.

  2. Ross, I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your trip via your blog. Your description of reacquainting yourself with Hong Kong has a certain romanticism. I hope the remainder of your trip is at least as wonderful.
    Safe Travels,

  3. Ross,
    All the best for your trip. I am heading to Beijing on August 31st, so I will be reading your blog with lots of interest – waiting for my adventure to begin. Peaceful travels my friend.

  4. Hey Ross-
    Glad to hear you made it and your adventure had begun!! Have fun and can’t wait to hear how it goes

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