Mysore Anxiety

Now that the clock is ticking on my trip to Mysore, I have a case of persistent anxiety about injury.  What if, what if, …

I don’t have one of those perfect practices where everything is even and balanced and easy.  My legs turn out so far that I can stand comfortably fully turned out, but inward rotation well that is something else again.  I think as a result I have persistent knee problems and the sense that one side is longer than the other, though several people have told me that is not the case.

So, I worry. What if in the next six months, I get a strong adjustment that pops something. Ruins the trip and sets me back to square one in my practice.   But if there is one thing I want to find in this trip is some equilibrium in my practice.  Sure I want to continue to progress.  Though since David and Youngblood have been here I feel there is still a world of subtlety that I had forgotten about or never realized before.  So, there is plenty to work on in just primary series.  But I really want to put the striving away.   I want to be content with the practice that I have and the slow, SLOW pace of change and learning that my body is willing to accept.

I keep thinking that any day I will just slip into the remaining poses in first series that I haven’t been able to find.  The usual culprits Marichyasana D, Supta Kurmasana.  Plus, I can seem to bind on the left side in Ardha Baddha Padmottasana.  Right no problem, left slow progress, but still hard to find a grip.  I can touch the foot and the toes, just can’t seem to find a sustainable grip.

So, I share my anxiety.  The trip to Mysore is out of respect.  I do love practice.  [An aside, David and Youngblood played music in practice this morning, I couldn’t stop smiling.]  So, I want to go to the source to say thanks.  But would hate to give it all back because of injury.  So, if anyone has any reassurances or cautions they want to offer, send them on.  I am on my way, but it would sure let me sleep a little easier.


2 thoughts on “Mysore Anxiety

  1. i just wanted to say that your jump backs and throughs are amazingly smoothe and your virabadrasanas are inspirational.
    oh, and at your suggestion, we are going to see tim at mt. shasta this summer – woot!

  2. Hi Ross
    I haven’t seen your practice recently, but I remember you are not afraid to drop back from standing into danurasana. Also, with very little adjustment by a teacher, I’ve seen you get into Kapotasana. With respect to positions requiring hip opening and wrapping such as Marychasna D, I have a similar body to yours and similar unbalances. It is easier for me to bind on one side that on the other. I suspect that it’s the psoas muscle that doesn’t relax sufficiently on one of my sides. In my case one can see the psoas problem because in positions where I have to lift both legs up, I’m usually listing to one side, the one opposite to where the psoas is constricting. It may be difficult to achieve this, but I think we have to instruct our bodies to relax, to let go of tension so you can acquire flexibility. I share your concern of not hurting oneself, particularly after reading in the ashtanga newsgroup about a 20 year practitioner who popped both knees out during upward dog. She had heard noises in her knees and not paid attention to them while continuing to practice 1st and 2nd series. I heard some noise when practicing with Leigha a year ago. She was concerned upon hearing it. Sure enough, I had a period of a few months healing in the left leg around the knee area.

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