Dristi, Focus and the Conversation in My Head

Focus, focus, focus.   Good practice this morning, but my body aches.  They’re all the same aches as the last few weeks, still working through from my knee problems.  This week I have the added sensation that I have tweaked a nerve in my left leg that is responsible for some of the lingering burn, aches.  Nothing dramatic, but just a presence in everything.  Especially, when I don’t keep the leg moving.

With Dom and Saisha leading practice, class now regularly runs to 25 to 30; Friday, maybe 35 for Dom’s lead practice.  The ache, the larger practice group, my natural desire to progress, especially when those around me are progressing contribute to a big conversation in my head.  Some of it is personal  and distracting, why haven’t I been able to get into that pose, what if I wait for an adjustment and I injure myself again,…  And some of it is the encouragement of teachers around me.  Depending on the pose, I have a mental checklist of hints and suggestions on getting into it.  After this morning’s distracted practice and reading a post on Mysore Musings , I had to step back and think about how much of this is  still necessary and how much is just fidgeting.  Some is of course, necessary.  But I think the lesson of the last month has been just practice.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  It needs to flow, glide.  Painless, effortless motion.

Dom and Saisha, as well as Kirsten and Mitchell have all emphasized breathing and now dristi to create focus.  How hard it is.  But a worthy focal point for practice in the run-up to having Guruji in SF.  Maybe, I will get up a little earlier and work through some of the poses that I need to open up at the beginning of practice.  Maybe overdoing it?


One thought on “Dristi, Focus and the Conversation in My Head

  1. hi! it was great to hear from you on the blog. i don’t have yr email so figured i’d write you here. i’ve been settling in & plan to be at YiY tuesday. so, see you soon enough? thank you for
    it never settles down, everything is always in flux. And when it does settle down, well you are bored and it’s time for some new challenges.
    you are very right.
    i am mulling a new totally revamped website right now that would not be a concession to my dad who said today he was young once too and dreamed. as if realism must prevail and realism means creating corporate video for intel 9-5!
    we shall see…
    looking forward to practicing alongside all the YiYers! 🙂

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