Guruji in Europe this Summer?

I casually follow a handful of other ashtanga related blogs.  So, I think I have figured out the travel itinerary for the last half of the year.  Mysore in September.

I know that there have been some rumors flying around that the family will be gone in August and maybe some of September.  But, I had never heard anything about where Guruji and his family would be during that time.  I had assumed – like any good summer vacationing Westerner – that the family was going to take a break.

This morning I saw  this post from a student of Eddie Stern’s in New York saying that the family would be in Europe – Italy and Finland.  If anyone has more information on this, please post.   I think the American Airlines guys are getting a little frustrated with me and change requests.

I guess this makes the Finland trip certain.


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