Work Day, Private Day

Recently I have noticed that my day is skewed a little.  There is the work day in the middle and the private day that starts when I arrive home from the office and continues through practice the next morning, punctuated with some sleep in between.

But, given the anxiety that is associated with work these days, my work day increasingly spreads out into my private day.  The impact is subtle.  After work and a commute, I find myself needing to treat myself to some indulgence – a bottle of wine, a big dinner,  some rapid fire TV, or something else, to disengage the nerves.  I do all of this in the evening.  The next morning then I head to practice often with the intention of “undoing” the indulgence.  Sweating it out.

Thinking about Dominic’s workshop last week, I want to try to see if I can redefine the private day as beginning in the evening with practice being the culmination rather than the clean-up of the day.  It may take some work.  But, definitely something to shoot for.


One thought on “Work Day, Private Day

  1. what a cool way to look at it – practice starting in the evening & culminating w/mysore practice in the a.m.
    i guess in a way our entire day can be a practice too. then it’s kinda irrelevant when the start/end is. 🙂

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