So, I think I have planned all the pieces of the year’s travel.  I am a little nervous about writing this, because I have made these commitments to myself and for one reason or another found a reason to break them.  So, here’s the plan.

Depending on the still uncertain situation at work, I would either stay here in the spring, or go to Hawaii and practice with Nancy , or if things are good head to Goa for two weeks with David Swenson.

Then back here through June. Then July begins the trip.  I want to go to Finland to spend two or three weeks with Lino, then back to the US to pack and prepare for the long trip. Leave for India in September with a return date around the beginning of the year.

So the open questions are what’s going to happen at work, when will we know the details about the who’s buying the company.  What should I do with the apartment for 6 months?  Do I want to try to work while I am there?

So I am excited about the plan, anxious that I will once again find something to get in the way and I really do need to sow these oats, so I can get on with the other things I want to focus on (relationships, home, family).  Not that I am not trying to focus on these things now, but I do believe I have a window to have a few adventures.  Some men buy fancy sports cars, I suppose I want to do a little adventure travelling, studying, …


One thought on “Mysore

  1. hi ross! i just found yr blog thru anne’s blog posting. 🙂 i’m so glad. i ended up clearing most of my stuff into 1 closet and my parents’ and subletting my place to a really great family (who left it spotless!) who is renovating their kitchen. found ’em just thru serendipity/craiglist. dunno if you’d want strangers in your space…

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