Sunday Practice – Accepting Limitations

Glad I made it to practice this morning.  The week to come may be a little out of control due to meetings at work and just general uncertainty around the future of my employer.

I arrived at YiY late – overslept and tried to power through the primary series.  Worked through all of my alternative poses to accommodate my injury and the lingering tightness in my left knee.  Tried to keep track of my breath which I have discovered is the best way to keep from overdoing things and straining the knees or anything else.  So, when I finally got to the end of the practice and ready to begin backbending.  I got up to get a block – a crutch I have taken to using to help focus on balance and working my legs and glutes evenly.  Do I need it?  Probably not.   Saisha stepped over and whispered to me that I really didn’t need to work with a prop.  I just needed to do the backbends and move on.  I explained my reluctance.  I got a patient, encouraging smile.  I moved on to backbends without the prop and then dropbacks.  My first unassisted drop backs since the fall.  Sai stood there for moral support and helped with standing up.  But it was good to be getting back to this aspect of practice.

I will eventually get over my obsession with my knee and its current issues.  But I am a worrier and worry that I may never regain my original range of movement.  I have achieved what I am going to achieve.  Progress is over.  Then I remember that I need to just accept where I am and not expect achievement in the practice.  I may never regain the same range of motion, I may never bind Marychyasana D.  And so be it.

Will see how we do tomorrow.  The one thing that I have noticed is that practice definitely opens the knee up.  On days that I don’t practice for whatever reason, the tightness is much more acute.  Today we’ll see, but I already have sense we may be over the worst of it.



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