Reset, Restart, One Day at a Time

No practice this morning,  didn’t feel I could carefully practice this morning given how I weathered the night.

But practice on Wednesday was pretty smooth, little problem with the knee and very smooth drop back practice. Today though my leg, from my hip to the ball of my foot has had sensations.  If I sit too long, my left knee gets stiff and while nothing in my hip, inner leg or foot “hurts” there is a noticeable sensation. 

Perhaps this sensation is just all in my head, a reaction to another reversal in my job/life situation. 

I had convinced myself that in this interlude at work, I was superfluous and could easily make my escape into new opportunities – India, Africa, China.  But, several events yesterday and today signaled that moving on is doable, but not immediately.  So, my resolution has once again been postponed.  I will stay at work and compromise for a while longer.  This is in part me – whip-a-rama and partly I found out yesterday that I in fact do have something to contribute to the current effort. 

So, since I punted on the main resolution, I immediately let everything else go.  I had too much to drink last night, watched too much TV.  Didn’t do my evening exercises – virasana and some of the other hip and core strengthening exercises.  All of course, making bedtime less sound and more unsatisfying.

Maybe my knee is really all in my head.  The last time I had an injury like this.  I spasmed my back, a fall also in drop-backs.  I had also just gone through this effort to pull away and then punted again.

So, I thought the current spasm, pull, tear, what-have-you was almost gone over the Holidays, but then I got ready to come back to work and it re-surfaced. 

I just need to accept the current course for a while and try to stay disciplined.    A rambling post, but nevertheless, a post.

Tonight, no wine.  I will do my exercises.  I will go to bed at a reasonable hour.  And tomorrow I will go to practice – Saisha’s lead practice.  Reset, restart, one day at a time.


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