No practice today.  Like many nights I realized about 7 pm that all of my anxieties about returning to work were going to keep me up.  I thought about reaching for the Kava tea, but knew that tea alone wouldn’t be able to help me put all of the doubt and uncertainty behind me for the evening.

SO.  A couple of glasses on chardonnay – did you know that three BIG glasses equals a bottle?  And I finally headed for  bed, still no luck.  At 2 am, I resolved to take a pass on practice this morning.

Work was uneventful.  The company – Knight Ridder – is being sold.  And I have to decide whether I want to stay on, or take the plunge and head to India, China, Africa, …. I thought I would give it a while, but today I realized I really don’t have anything to do.  My small, but capable staff has everything undercontrol.  So, I am unclear in my head about my future prospects, but I really don’t have anything to contribute to this process.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow definitely practicing.  And I think it is time to go.


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