Monday Practice

I am always amazed at how inter-connected all the elements of practice are. Last night I over ate and had a glass or two of wine, went to bed late and tossed and turned for a while. The result on today’s practice was I felt sluggish and “thick” in just about every pose. No glide.

That said today’s practice was interesting. My knee continues to heal and the distraction to my practice is minimal at this point. Still adding back poses, and I still have a mental block about dropping back on my own – the source of the original fall and tweak. But the focus has now shifted to breath and my hips which actually seem to be the source of much of what’s going on. I don’t engage my glutes and hamstrings evenly on both sides which I think accounts for the tightness that I have been feeling on my lower right side. After practice, I feel it as a lingering burn that slowly goes away. I noticed today that if I back off on the right side and tighten up on the left side the sensation tends to go away. The other and related awareness is the amount of attention I need to pay to maintain an erect spin – all lift and all bandha all the time. It is an effort that I never really paid attention to before. I finally realized what Mitchell was talking about when he said I could stand a couple of inches taller, if I just paid attention. I need to keep that awareness of length even when I am in sitting poses. Not easy, but this is where I find the breathing helps.

Anyway, last day before back to the work grind. We’ll see how the practice evolves with that pressure added back.

Also, Saisha started today. Dominic starts in a couple of weeks when Anne goes off to Mysore. Should make for an interesting first three months.


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