Why Another Weblog?

So, why another weblog?

Honestly, it is more for me than for any of you who may want to follow along and offer a little advice and encouragement along the way.

I have been reading blogs for years now. I have followed the successes, set-backs and frustrations of many yogis, writers, artists, … I have always found some inspiration and the realization that I am not the only one struggling with swollen knees, or the tendency to reach for a glass of wine when I should be meditating, or wondering about the future progress of my life, family and career.

Why Exchanging Hats?

It is a poem by a poet I have always identified with, Elizabeth Bishop. She lived a mostly peripatetic life, loved within her own sex, had a sense of humor (at least I think so). The poem itself describes the ambiguity and even mystery of those without a fixed place in the society.

So what will I write about?

Not really sure yet. My yoga practice is a given, the aches, pains, fears, and minor victories of a 40-something practicing ashtanga yoga. It will probably include some recollections/memories. I have always wanted to capture the bits and pieces of my past, my family’s past. If I am lucky in the details there will be something of value. There will be travel items. There will be the occasional impression of whatever I am reading, listening to, or watching, just to try to weave all of the pieces together.

Hopefully there will be some value here. If not, well we can always, try a new hat.


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