Moving Aches

First practice of the New Year. Since injuring my left knee, hip, groin, inner leg… the nexus of all of that. I have been hyper-conscious of the moving aches in my practice. At one point, I thought about taking a Advil before practice. But decided against it, because I need to follow those little aches and pains.

So, practice today was relatively good. I did notice a couple of new developments. This morning I was especially aware of my breathing. A good thing, that I often overlook in my haste to get into the next pose. Since I fell, I have been moving even slower than usual and the result this morning was my breath appeared in many new poses (or at least I was conscious of it in many new poses).

Backbending was good, but continue to have to have problems from the floor where I feel a tightness in my lower right back when I push up to backbend. From drop backs on the other hand, I continue to get great encouragement from Anne. Today, they were pretty fluid, the result in part of Anne’s sneak attack. I stood up, and she was already standing there. “Don’t think about it”, she said and off we went. Sometimes, I really do just think about it too much.

As I write this, I can feel some sensation in my lower right side. So we will see how it goes tomorrow.


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